Sunday, March 10, 2013

TOZ - photo dump

The Throne of Zhobby is over! 160 players in teams of 4 competed this week-end in Coubron for fame and glory. The tournament was a serie of 5 games in a 2vs2 setup, each player bringing 1000 pts to the table.

By luck and with a small contribution to the painting juge swiss account, my team and I got to 5th place!
Two of us even placed into the top 16 best painted armies.

Here is what I took:
5 terminators with cyclone missile launcher,
2 squads of 10 marines in rhino and razorback,
Nemo the Mortis Contemptor

Pictures of my team mates armies:
Kansen's army
H-le-gentil army
I'm sorry but I forgot to take pictures of Blair-o's Necron force.

And now some eye candy : the 2 best painted armies at the tournament:

First C17 awesome Grey Knight force with a spartan theme and his team display:

Then my personal favorite and tournament best painted, Cagn dark eldars:
Cagn army
Zoom on  the carnifex carriers
 As usual you can click on the images for a larger display.

Great tournament as always by the JBS.

Time to reload!

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