Monday, December 22, 2014

X-Wing Showcase : VT-49 Decimator repaint

When I saw the wave 5 ships, I just knew I needed to repaint the Decimator. With it's sleek lines, aggressive angles and overall badassness it just begged for a good paint job.

There is not a lot of reference material out there, most pictures I could find showed it either grey or metallic grey so I went with a pretty simple imperial grey on the whole model, using color modulation to give it depth.

Engines were orange in reference pictures so I used the same colors as on the B-Wings.

To give it a focal point and a touch of color the cockpit windows were painted with a dark red tint, matching the cockpit on my lambda shuttle.

All in all it took me about 10 to 12 hours to repaint.

A side by side comparison with the stock paintjob:

I picked this bad boy at Worlds and got to play it against Ron Brannan on Sunday and again at a tournament 3 weeks ago. It's a fun ship, with no green dice funny business. Can't be let down by what you don't roll!

Hope you like it!
Time to reload,


  1. That is some beautiful color modulation. Suggestion for future repaints, show a side by side so those of us not as familiar with these ships can see the result of all your hard work!

    Your job is stunning, and I'd hate for someone to not know what you started with!

  2. Waouh, vraiment superbe ce vaisseau. Un peu monochrome, mais en même temps c'était un peu dur de faire mieux niveau couleurs !

    Bravo ! :)

  3. Thanks!

    @Greg Hess: I added a side by side comparison with the stock paintjob in the article for you.

    1. Wonderful! Your modulation is great, and everything is much sharper and cleaner! Very nicely done.

  4. Great work! Do you mind telling us which colours you used? Thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the late answer.

      The hull grey was made in several airbrush passes over a black undercoat:
      1) English grey (PA 51)
      2) Light grey (PA 50)
      3) Pure white (Pro-color white)

      Then I washed the whole model in black oil + lighter fluid (see my other repaints)

      Highlight where a mix of white and light grey
      Shadows a miw of english grey and chaos black

      Red was mephiston red (+ black)

      Engines where first airbrushed white then with Prince August fluorescent orange.

      Hope that helps!