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X-Wing World Championship 2014 debrief : part 2

It's day one at FFG X-Wing World Championship and I've come here to eat bananas and kick ass ... and I'm all out of bananas. Cause it's illegal to import bananas to the US and well, they don't joke with those things at Dulles Airport Customs. So let's kick some ass!

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I've decided to go to worlds with my trusty 4 academies, 4 obsidian swarm for 2 reasons:
1) After some testing, the only builds I really fear are Echo builds and I'm not expecting to see many at Worlds. I've done okay against Whisper builds (50-50 odds), as I'm usually able to block them with my numbers so the hardest matches will probably be mirror matches.
2) For such an event and with the jetlag involved you should go with the build you've practiced the most. Never change your list at the last minute!

Due to my national win I got a bye in the first round so I got to roam around, and watch a few games.

Game 2 : MrFroggies

And we're up! Game 2 is against none other than MrFroggies! A big name for the first game, I need to hit the field running. He is running 3 Blues with tactician and a gold with ion turret and R3A2.

This is a great control list and MrFroggies is going to carry it to the top 32. But if I play correctly I should be okay as with only 1 defense dice B-Wings ans Y-Wings are easy targets for Tie fighters.

I put my rocks in the corners and MrFroggies clumps his in the middle of the board to disrupt my formation. I deploy my Ties in 2 groups to flank his formation if he goes in the middle.

He goes left to use the rock formation and I reform my Ties to attack!

He told me later that he was hoping that the rocks would disrupt me more, but after my moves he only has 1 choice left. turn right and channel himself in the rocks where I would be able to block him using the academies.

The lead B-Wing is destroyed and I only loose 1 Tie in the exchange with another ioned. This actually helped as it allowed that Tie to do a 1 forward!

Next turn I know that he's not going to be able to evade my swarm with all 3 ships so I let the lead B go and concentrate on the stragglers.

Going for the firepower I take down another B.

The Y tries to escape but also buys it and I finish the last B shortly after that.
MrFroggies was a great opponent and I'm really happy to have met him.

1 win, 3 left!

Game 3 : Dustin and his Tie swarm.

Dustin was playing a pretty good list with
OGP+ enhanced scopes
5 academies

So PS0 blocking and some nice firepower.

Alright I totally misplayed that game. The asteroid field was great for me, forcing Dustin to go through it while giving me lots of room to maneuver. But I took the bait and went for the shuttle instead of going for the swarm. I thought I could get a few shots in on the shuttle when my range 3 shots are not really effective on Ties, then turn right for the brawl.

That plan was not bad, I just needed to weather a round of long range shooting, hopefully doing some damage in return and swing my swarm right. However what happened is that Dustin 5 academies took down 2 of mine (hit and direct hit twice!), while I only stripped 3 shields from the shuttle.

- Freeze frame. A moment of choice.

- The swarm is defensive. I have a chance to get back in the game right here. Better turn right and face the swarm than push a bad position.

With a heavy feeling of doom, I picked up my dials and planned my next move.Things were bad, but if I could defeat the ties, even a lonely academy could probably defeat the shuttle in the endgame.
There I had 2 choices with the left obsidians and I really picked the worse one, as it spread my firepower. Jet 4 K-turned behind the shuttle, while Jet 3 tried to cross the asteroid and got blocked on it. What I should have done was take a hard 1 right with 3 and 4, bank Jet 2 behind and hard 2 Jet 1.

Instead what happened is that even with some luck on my side I lost another 2 ties, taking 2 of his in return. My swarm cannot withstand firepower of this magnitude!

After that I just played really poorly while Dustin mopped me up. I landed on an asteroid at least once, and just generally failed to do anything right.

2-1 with 3 games left, I need to pull my shit together for the last 3 games, solid play may still carry the day!

Time to reload,

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  1. Impressive play against Mr Froggies, you really managed to stay in formation, which was the key... Against Dustin, I think the mistake is to go too fast forward, as you could have slow played a little bit, turn left and let him go across the asteroid field. Then you would have at least one turn firing at the Lambda alone. But I think trying to shot the Lambda down first was definitely the good plan. Too bad it didn't work ! ;-)