Friday, December 26, 2014

Tutorial : Ultramarine blue

Over the years I have had  a few people asking how I get my shade of blue for the Ultramarines.

This article will be a quick and dirty tutorial for that (sorry for the blurry pictures).

You will need :

Hansa Procolor :
- Ultramarine Blue
- White

Prince August :
-Transparent Blue (number 938)

Games workshop:
- Necron Abyss
- Space wolf grey
- Enchanted Blue
- Black Undercoat

Prime the models black.

Start with a zenithal white highlight on the models (airbrush is on top, spraying down):

The black should still show through in the areas you want to keep dark and the lightest part of the model should be almost white.

Next spray the Pro-color Ultramarine blue (airbrush should generally be below the model and the spray should keep to the darkest areas), this is more a tint than a coat.

Go back with white and rehighlight the focal points.

Finally give the whole model a coat of Prince August transparent blue (optional : mix a bit of Games-Worshop enchanted blue).

Finish by lining with necron abyss + black and edge highlighting with space wolf grey + transparent blue.

If you need to go back with a brush on the mid tones, you can mix something with enchanted blue + necron abyss and transparent blue.

Hope that was useful!

Time to reload,

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  1. Nice and quick tutorial! I like the effect you get from that pre shading!