Monday, December 1, 2014

X-Wing Showcase : Dagger squadron B-Wing with folding foils

For my latest repaint, I was a bit late for my club monthly painting challenge (read : I still had not painted anything on the evening of the last day...) so I decided it was the right time to try a new B-Wing mod : folding S-Foils. Nothing like trying something new and superfluous when you're short on time!

I think it turned out OK, but not as good as I would have liked, the port wing especially is a bit crooked when folded.

Lock S-Foils in attack position!

If you've seen a lot of B-Wings, something should be strange by now. Try to find it or scroll to see the answer.

I used exactly the same techniques as on my first B-Wing for the rotating cockpit and paintjob, you can find the tutorial here.

For the foils it was a pretty simple mod all considered. 

It's just that when I glued the wing back on, I glued the wing inverted! I'm so used to my other B-Wing that is inverted that I glued the wings with the same side up only realizing my mistake when I had to paint the squadron markings. If you try the mod, don't make the same mistake!

You will need: 
- superglue
- a thin paperclip
- a sharp x-acto
- a hand drill of the diameter of your paper clip

Here is what you're aiming for:

First remove the bottom wing ( try to wiggle it off the main peg, applying pressure alternatively on either side, you should hear a small crack when the glue breaks, then just pry it off).

Next remove the foils, they form a single wing.

Now's the hard part: using your X-Acto, make 2 cuts on each wing to separate them from the central core (forgot to take pictures, so this where to make the cuts, just imagine that the wing is separated):

When the wings are cut, drill a hole in the wing for the paper clip :

And 2 corresponding holes in the core of the wing:

Now take the paper clip, cut to size, bend it and glue:

Here is the finished model with my original (notice that the wings have the same side up...):

I was a bit pressed for time and did not strip the paint, now that the model is painted it definitely shows, especially around the cockpit and the engine where the original model had a heavy coat.
It was not necessary on the lambda, but it really makes a difference for the smaller ships.

Time to reload,

Public Service Announcement : for my Parisian readers, there are 2 tournaments coming soon.
1) The Paris Open on the 6th of December 2014: registration and info
2) Uchronies games tournament on the 14th of December 2014 (full already) : info


  1. Oh man...inverted wings sounds like something I'd do. Just use the force to convince everyone it's the right way!

  2. Thanks guys!
    @Greg: yeah, forgot to measure twice. I could probably take it appart, but I'm afraid of breaking something in the process.