Sunday, February 8, 2015

WIP Shots : Anakin ETA 2 Jedi Interceptor

I've been sitting on those pictures for too long, but didn't have the time to put words to paper.
I'm calling this WIP shots, as it's too barebones for a proper tutorial but hopefully you'll get a clear idea of my process and what to expect from those shapeways models.

You can see more pictures of the finished model here :

And my analysis of the raw material here :

First I started by drilling a hole 6mm wide underneath to accomodate the ring magnet I used :

As you can see on the next picture the printing process leaves distinct straight lines:

Which I cleaned up like regular mould lines with an X-Acto:

I then airburshed white over the whole model, but you could also hand paint it.

To give me a better sense of the model, I blocked the canopy in black.

The front panels are flat and lack the distinctive armor panels of the ETA 2, so I started to free hand those, first painting the edges.

Then once the shapes were in, I blocked the panels in yellow.

I finished with highlighting and shading the panels, and painted the canopy.

The rear exhaust trails where made with heat thinned transparent rod, painted with white and a transparent blue.

Time to reload,

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