Thursday, September 4, 2014

3D printing : the future of miniature gaming?

So I just finished painting 2 Jedi Interceptors at 1/270th scale  from Shapeways designed by Mel_Miniatures.

Is this the future of miniature gaming?
However right now it is no replacement for plastic/resin models.
This model in Frosted Ultra Detail set me back around 11€, 
which is a bit steep considering the level of detail and it's only 20mm long.

Here is a picture in it's raw state:

And with a black undercoat, to get a better view:
The 2 interceptors on the right have been cleaned before priming while the 2 on the left and the 2 Tie Droids have been primed directly. Pay attention to the small lines on the hull and the grain of the back of the cockpit.

Closeup of the underneath before cleaning:

Cleaned with a white coat, to get a different view: 

So basically it is a great way to get the basic shape of a model, but the level of details (the resolution so to speak) is not there yet compared to a plastic/resin model, even in the frosted ultra detail which is the best level of details you can get from Shapeways.

However I bet it would be a great way to create a main body for detailing in order to create a master for casting.

As is you can get great results with a bit of work, but as you can see most of the details on the model where free handed and that's not everyone cup of tea.

Time to reload,


  1. The transformation of the plastic pieces into the end product is incredible. Your painting talent really show cases their potential. I don't think its so much the 3D printing helping here, but merely the canvas for you to work on. :)