Tuesday, September 30, 2014

X-Wing Showcase : Imperial Lambda Shuttle Repaint

I don't know, ...  fly casual.

The best ride to infiltrate a heavily guarded shield generator, the lambda shuttle is one of the most iconic ships of the original trilogy. I really enjoyed painting it.

With such large surfaces compared to the other ships in the game I had to increase the color modulation on each panel to keep it interesting across the table.

I went for a slightly non canon paint job, adding small red areas to the wings and giving a red tint to the cockpit.

No leds in this one : after trying for half an hour to pry it open, I convinced myself that it wasn't worth it...

I used a new idea for the ball joint with a ring magnet and a ball magnet, expect a tutorial soon!

I kept the folding wings for ease of transport:

 Hope you like it!

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