Sunday, October 26, 2014

X-Wing Tournament Report : La boite à Chimère (Rouen) - part1

A bit late in my reporting! Last month I played in a small tournament at La Boite à Chimère in Rouen. The shop is  nice, with lots of parking and really awesome tables painted by Hert:

You can click on the following images for bigger pictures:


I decided to bring my usual swarm but with a twist : I replaced 2 Ties with a buzzsaw shuttle:
6 Academies 72
OGP, Fire Control System,  Gunner 28

I won't do a turn by turn report of all 4 games but only give you the highlights:

Game 1 :

Crevette and a pretty atypical list with :
Shadow squadron pilot, advanced cloacking device +?
Bounty hunter
Dark curse
Alpha squadron pilot


I deployed my ties in 2 groups ready to cross the first asteroid on my left, and deployed the shuttle in front of his interceptor. He then deployed the rest of his ships.

Pedal to the metal I closed the distance as fast as possible, taking down the alpha squadron on turn 2 with I think a lucky shot with the shuttle and some help from the lead Ties.

Turn 3 was brutal for him :
The shadow squadron got caught in the furball at range 1 of the shuttle and with the added firepower of a couple of ties exploded:

After that the game turned to hunt the Bounty Hunter.

His list was not really optimized, but against my low PS swarm a shadow squadron PS5 is not really a problem, so it's actually not that bad. He lost the game when the Phantom entered the furball.
The buzzsaw was nice in this game, mostly for its firepower at all range even when blocked.

Game 2 : 

Yann is the owner of the shop and runs a pretty tight ship.
He was playing: 
Etahn A'Baht, advanced sensors, R2D2
5 bandit squadron

A list that I was really interested to face as it's crit generation could pose a big problem to my Ties.

Turn 1, at PS2:

The only thing I knew was that I did not want to get caught byt the Z95 at range 1 while in the sights of Etahn so I spread my swarm in a big line to force some choices on his part.

He decided to go for the shuttle with Etahn so my Ties were free to run havoc in his lines. The shuttle lost some shields, but with 6 ties + shuttle to his 5 Z firepower I managed to destroy 3 Z95 while only loosing 1 Tie ( blocking with damaged Ties allowed me to spread his firepower, so it was not that loopsided  in damage dealt but it left me with 6 guns to his 3.

I then mopped up the rest of his forces:

Here I think Yann made a mistake and should have kept Etahn on the Ties, allowing him to accumulate crits and reduce my firepower faster. However, I did roll above average with my defense dice so it was really hard for his 2 attack ships to land hits and I'm not sure it would have turned the game around but it would have been probably closer.

Expect part 2 soon.

Time to reload,

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