Wednesday, October 29, 2014

X-Wing Tournament Report : La boite à Chimère (Rouen) - part2

This is part 2 of my debrief, you can find part 1 : here.

Apparently my win at the French X-Wing Nationals inspired some people, so I got a taste of my own medicine!

Game 3, PurpleBoy and a 4 academies, 4 obsidians swarm :

He deployed in 2 groups while I deployed in a loose group on the left side of the board. His obsidians are left, and the academies hug the edge.

Since he split in 2 groups I decided to defeat him piecemeal, and concentrated on the academies, closing aggressively with ties. The shuttle started a stately turn to face the obsidians. With most of my firepower at range 1, and his obsidians farther away in turn 2 and 3 I took down 2 academies and 1 obsidian, losing a single academy plus some damages.

We played a couple more turns, I think, with me trying to keep the shuttle alive and finished on 4 ties on each side, with the shuttle still alive:

At that point, I think I was not too good if the game had continued, as the shuttle is mostly out of the action for at least 3 turns and his firepower is more concentrated than mine, but due to the time limit, his split deployment cost him the game with the screen of asteroids in between.

Game 4, Ptit Pierre and another 4 academies and 4 obsidians swarm:

Ptit Pierre is a young player, but really impressed me with his knowledge of the game and skill. That game was really interesting and engrossing, which of course means that I did not take pictures as I should have...

Basically he deployed in a big lump on my left side, took a beeline to the lambda, and destroyed it, loosing 3 ties in the process to my flanking force. I then kept that 1 tie advantage to the endgame where we finished with 4 ties left on my side to his 3, giving me a modified win.

However, I think I had the weaker start. As you can see in the deployement picture I had 4 Ties deployed really far from the shuttle and decided to go forward fast to reach the board center and then flank him. That was a mistake. It meant that when our forces joined, half my force was still at range 3 diminishing my firepower. Thankfully he also made a mistake, attacking in 2 columns of 4 ties, meaning that the back ties were at least a range band behind the front ones.

Game 5, Cahal and his anti-swarm list:
Roark, recon specialist, blaster turret
Blount, assault missile, squad leader
2 Green squadron pilots, assault missile, adrenaline rush

Most of this game hinged on wether I would be able to spread my ships enough to prevent to much splash damage.

I deployed spread out, in 4 columns. He of course deployed grouped to benefit from roark and squad leader.

The leftmost A-wing, using boost and a squad leader lock, took a couple of shield off the lambda, but the Ties were too far.

Blount got to fire his missile in turn 2, but only dealt a couple of damage due to my spreading out.

I took down Blount and Roark in return (turn 2 and 3)

His adrenaline A wings K-turned and launched the remaining assault missile but it was too late by then.

3 assault missiles are no laughing matter for a swarm, but with 3 2 attack dices ships and a blaster turret, it really hinges on dealing good splash damage and even then the ships struggle to land hits on Ties.

Time to reload,

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