Saturday, April 11, 2015

Armada : X-Wing half-squadron painted

Hello guys, just a quick post to show you my progress on Red squadron.

It's been a bit hard to find reference photos so I've been watching and rewatching A New Hope, pausing frantically and taking screen shots! Modellers magic is a good ressource but it's still hard to get a good idea of all ships.

Skywalker! You sure you can handle this thing?

The last 6 X-Wings are already in factory condition and are only waiting for the squadron markings, I hope to finish them this week-end.

For those who asked, I already took the pictures for the tutorial, just need to write it down so it should probably be published next week.

Time to reload,


  1. They are sweet! What are you going to do with the TIEs?

  2. I'm thinking simple. Black undercoat + zenithal grey airbrush pass is a given, then a black acrylic wash. Green dots for the guns, red dots for the engines.

    I am not spending one hour and a half on each of those!