Tuesday, May 17, 2016

X-Wing : Top 4 at the Jakku Open tournament debrief day 2 swiss

On August 25 2015, the Imperial Navy established an elite school for the top one percent of its pilots. It's purpose was to teach the lost art of space combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the world.

They Succeeded.

Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School.
The flyers call it : 

The Crackshot Academy 

This is my debrief of the second day swiss.

- Jet squadron this is Strike. We have an unknown contact. Inbound, Mustang. You're vector zero-nine-zero for bogey.

- Jet 2, you got him? 
- Roger, I've got radar contact.
- I'll get a visual.
- He's coming right at us.
- Holy shit, there's three of them!
- Whoo! Jumpmasters 5000! No one's been this close before.

Game 7!

Antoine and his triple toilet seats with Boba, 4-Lom and R4 Agromechs. 

I deployed using my previous plan of attack, one Aca to block the left lane and the rest ready on the right. However I misjudged the engagement and with a 4 forward + barrel roll one of the scouts landed just in front of my blacks.I had to self block 2 of my blacks, while another went to fast to target the lead scouts.

Antoine played perfectly and took down 2 Ties while I was flailing around with my Ties, unable to concentrate fire enough to take one down but starting to land some serious damage on all 3..

Another Tie went down, but even with his three ships down to 2 or 3 hull it was not looking good.

I finally managed to take down a Jumper, loosing my 4th Tie in the process.

On the next turn I managed to kill my second Jumper, but I also lost both my remaining blacks. The lone academy pilot on full health tried his best to destroy the last Jumper which was down to a single hull point, but to no avail. The large base barrel roll was just to effective to stay out of arc. On the last turn, I did manage a range three engagement through a rock, but the scout manage to remove the aca last hull point.

Loss 83-99

I mostly lost that game in the deployment phase. I should have left an aca with the black group to protect them from bumping. The agromech R4s were a big boost to Atoine late game firepower, ensuring full mods on almost every shots.

- You made a bad choice.
- Fighter one performs a split "S"? That's the last thing you should do. That freighter is right on your tail. What were you thinking at this point?

Game 8

Alain and his Imperial Aces

Here is the list I remember:
Whisper, Kallus, ACD, VI, FCS
Inquisitor, AT, PTL, V1
Soontir, PTL, AT

but it's not possible since this is 104pts. Could be Echo and no FCS?

I setup in the bottom right corner and he correctly setup opposite.

I cast a pretty wide net, relying on crackshot to help me push some damage through while he advanced cautiously.

I went slow on the next turn to keep his ships out of range, then fast with a combination of turns and barrel roll to block the inquisitor and whisper who bumped into him. Soontir one shooted a Tie, while Inquisitor + whisper took down another, but with no tokens the combined firepower of 4 blacks and one aca took down Whisper.

After that it became a block the Soontir game, while the inquisitor ran from the battlefield afraid of the block.

After a couple of turns of blocking Soontir, he finally escaped on 2 hull, but a lucky cracked shot direct hit took him down and I failed to finish the Inquisitor on time.

Win 69-42
Every  thing went my way but I almost handed him the game because I blocked Soontir several times only to have no Ties in arc to shoot at him. I would have to do better to qualify!

Game 9

I'm now 6-2 and every point counts, the organizers announced no IDs on this round so may the best pilot win!

Boba,adaptability, guidance chips, homing missiles, 4-Lom, extra munitions
Tel, glitterstim, plasma torpedoes, R4, deadeye, guidance chips?

Classic corner deployment.

Going slow with the bottom element, I managed to stay just out of range 3.

With a 3 hard left plus barrel roll, I blocked Boba in full view of the swarm, savaging him and preventing the use of his missiles. Gabriel made a mistake here and popped glitterstim on Tel thinking I had more arcs on him that I did.

Sadly I again failed at putting arcs on the ship I blocked and Boba one shooted 2 Ties (3 or 4 hits with 4 Lom...) before I took him down. Tel came back into the fight.

But he was blocked at every turn, and I took him down for the win.


- Jet squadron. You're a hell of a good squadron. Maybe too good. I'd like to bust you but I can't. I got another problem here. I got to send somebody from this regiment to Jakku. I've got to do something here. I still can't believe it. I got to give you your dream shot. I'm gonna send you up against the best.

7-2! I'm in the top 8! Stay tuned for my top 8 and 4 games.

Time to reload,

Happy 30th anniversary Top Gun!

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