Tuesday, November 1, 2016

X-Wing Showcase : Gold squadron Y-Wing repaint

Rule 34 : If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun!

After my failure at the 2016 French national championship (3 losses out of seven games) I realized that I needed a new list. The swarm is still playable, but you can no longer afford any mistakes and the fickle green dice can always derail the best laid plan.

With the new X-7 title defenders have almost Soontir like defense and with twice the health they are much less vulnerable to crackshot. They are also very resilient to my main advantage: blocking. I was able to take down shields and leave a few scorch marks, but not destroy them.

What I needed was a bigger gun, able to reload and go the distance while keeping the same output. In other words, a Y-Wing with twin laser turret!

Sadly my airbrush air hose was leaking  (I guess that's what you get for leaving it lying under the desk for more than a year) so this ship is all brush.

Main steps are :
-black undercoat
-ceramite white drybrush
-bleached bone dry brush and repaint of the flat surfaces
-bleached bone  + ceramite white highlights
-black or bleached bone +black linings

-Iyanden darksun for the yellow
-ceramite white + P3 yellow ink for highlights

-Astronomican grey base for the cockpit
-Regal blue glazes for depth
-Mix with ceramite white for highlights

- ceramite white for the engines
- glazes of Lazer Red Forged Monkey dayglow pigments + gloss varnish
- ceramite white +  Lazer Red + gloss varnish highlights

Not my best work as you can see the drybrush grain at close range, but pretty happy with the results, especially the engine glow. It's also the first model I've painted since the christening of SSD Gabriel last year!

It's canon! Y-Wings can outmaneuver Interceptors!
So here is the list I needed the ship for:

Contracted Scout, Adaptability, Intelligence Agent, Feedback Array 28
Syndicate Thug, twin laser turret 24
Syndicate Thug, twin laser turret 24
Syndicate Thug, twin laser turret 24

The scout acts as a watch dog, keeping aces away from his 3 sheep and blocking as necessary.
Being the same PS as the Thugs (most of the time), he usually shoots last, always ready to sacrifice shield or hull to punish any wannabe hero on the other side. With the removal of triple torpedo boats as a top tier list it's a pretty powerful combination of ships.

So far I'm 10-0 with the list, including a 38 players tournament last week-end. I'm rolling so many red dice that most ship defenses are overwhelmed and for the few that can take it, the feedback array finishes the job. We'll see how it goes when my opponents learn to counter it!

Time to reload,

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