Monday, August 5, 2013

Drone walker to mechanicum missile platform

I finally took the time to convert the ramshackle drones walkers:

First a quick review of the product : I got them within 2 weeks of ordering, with nice cardboard and bubble paper packaging. All parts for each models were separated into small plastic bags, nothing got broken and everything was there.

However the cast quality was only so-so. The resin is hard and brittle, with sometimes large holes (1mm diameter) and other small casting flaws. Pretty much the quality I espect from my own casts so a bit disappointed there.

Details are crisp though and the parts can be corrected (think a bit worse than forgeworld quality).

It was okay for my purposes as most of the flaws where on the "thigh" part that I would need to cut to fit the model on a 60mm base.

To do that I cut the thigh and replaced it by a small plastic ball wedged between 2 green stuff blobs, smoothed to either side.

The missile launchers of course come from the GW Valkyrie kit and are magnetised to the back with a small platform made with a bit from the campaign supplement and plastic sprue.

 I made 2 of those with a slightly different paiting pattern to experiment the Jihess style  way of fast painting.
With an airbrush and a sponge I finished them in about 6 hours.

Time to reload,

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