Sunday, August 25, 2013

Frontkick tournament - Debrief

The Frontkick tournament was played this week-end in Carrières, close to Paris. 36 players, with 5 games and swiss round pairing over 2 days.

As usual, a great event, relaxed, pretty well run by the Captain, and the first tournament to open the 2013/2014 gaming season after the summer pause.

First a couple of pictures of an incredible army, the alien inspired tyranids of EDLR, winner of the best painted award :

EDLR flying prince

EDLR army and  winner of the best painted award
Sadly I did not get to play against it but as all EDLR works, it is visually stunning. I have played against Edlr tyranids since the nineties and I think this is his 3rd iteration.

I played against 5 tournament regulars:
First game against Padre with a GI/SW list,

Second game against Wilme (the French ETC Captain) with his ETC Greyknight list:

Third  game against Manix with Dark-Eldar/Eldar (sorry no-pics).

Fourth game against Lex-A (another member of the French ETC team) with a stunning Deamons and CSM alliance :

and finally Fifth game against Mogor, with a very good pure deamon list.

The venue was nice, about 20 minutes drive from Paris, with plenty of room to play:

I came with my eldars, with my newly painted Paladin Knight house as a Tau ally:

A pretty hard list with plenty of firepower and nice combos as might be expected of an alliance of 2 of the newest codexes...

On the right side you can see my eldar main force, using Iyanden rules.
Farseer on bike
10 Guardians in holofield and shuricanon, scatter laser wave serpent
7 Dire avengers in holofield and shuricanon, scatter laser wave serpent
3 Jetbikes with shuricanon
3 Shadow weavers
3 Dark reapers, exarch with fast shot and night vision.

Here you can see the knight house, count as Tau:
On the top left : Technoadept on combet chassis: Tau commander with missile pods, drone controler and split fire, 2 marker drones (servo-skulls).
Just below : house serfs with a techno adept : 10 kroots and a kroot hound.
bottom right: Servo skulls : 4 marker drones
top right: Paladin knight : riptide with ion, fusion blaster, early warning overide, skyfire.
Behind :  Missile platforms: 2 broadsides with 2 missile drones.

I got a nice 16/20 in  painting  which combined with 3 victories and 2 losses led me to 9th place.

Time to reload,

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