Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blog hiatus over: X-Wing miniatures Tie Fighter repaint!

Long time no see! After a pretty big hiatus in my blogging I have decided to restart the blog with this Tie fighter repaint:

The game is great and the miniatures are really detailed, a real pleasure to paint.

The model was first  stripped to bare plastic with break fluid, then undercoated with black primer.

Base color is airbrushed  space wolve grey with a zenithal white highlight.
All grey parts where then washed with ivory black (oil paint) diluted with white gas after after a coat of gloss varnish.

After the wash dried I then used a cotton qtip dipped in white gas to remove the excess then resealed the model with matt varnish. All solar panels where then covered in chaos black.

Finally I highlighted the edges with a mix of space wolve grey/white and painted small dots for the laser cannons and the ion engines.

Hope you like it!
Next up on the painting desk should be either a B-Wing or an X-Wing.

Time to reload,

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