Monday, March 17, 2014

Showcase : Dagger squadron B-Wing

After messing around with the Tie fighter, I decided to tackle a slightly bigger project : a B-Wing.
The paintjob is inspired by Dark Horse Rebellion Dagger squadron, the first rebel squadron to fly the B-Wing.

To make things more interesting, I decided to magnetise the stand and the cockpit as the fighter is supposed to be able to rotate around the pilot.

Engines received a coat of fushia to represent the reactors glow.

I had to replace two of the canons, broken while stripping, with paperclip rods. Can you guess which?

The base was painted as well, to give a bit of spice to a rather bland piece of plastic.

Dagger leader! There's a Tie on my tail! I can't shake him!

Next article should be a step by step of the B-Wing paintjob.

Time to reload!


  1. Hey !

    Je n'avais pas fait attention au fait que tu t'étais mit à Star Wars :)
    Super sympa ce schéma, ça claque ;)

    Par contre les réacteurs se perdent un peu dans le rouge de la coque... Tu n'as pas essayé en bleu par exemple ? :D


  2. Oui je suis d'accord avec toi, je les ai refait en orange depuis, on peut voir la nouvelle coloration dans le step by step au post suivant.