Friday, March 21, 2014

Step by step : Dagger squadron B-Wing

As promised, a step by step with pictures of the B-Wing repaint.

First came the stripping in brake fluid, then the magnets and the base mod. 2 broken guns were repaired with a paper clip. (products used: brass rod, araldite glue, 3*2mm rare earth magnets)

Next came the black undercoat (citadel chaos black) and the white base coat (pro-color white). The white was applied with an airbrush aiming from above and left of the model to create natural shadows and color modulation as if the light source was above and left. The dark side of the model also received the white base, but much less, giving a greyer aspect.

Brush time! Red is citadel mephiston red, applied in thin layers to keep the grey modulation underneath. Black is citadel chaos black. Inspiration came from this:

Protect the model with gloss varnish (in my case vallejo model air).
Now the scary part! Put some black oil paint on a paper towel to absorb most of the oil. Then mix the paint with lighter fluid (essence F in french). Apply the wash generously on the model:

Wait for the wash to dry (a few minutes in my case).
Reward time! Take a Q-tip humid with white gas and remove the excess wash, leaving the wash in the panel lines. The beauty of it is that you can vary how much wash you remove by controling the amout of pressure and the humidity of the Q-Tip. Take your time the wash won't stain the paint underneath.

Revarnish with mat varnish (PA air with an airbrush).

Brush time 2! Highlight panels and go back over any mistakes in the previous steps. I also lightly glazed the red parts with blood red to give them more impact.

Final step engine glow! First the engines were sprayed with white to determine the area of the model that would received the glow.

Then they received a coat of fushia pink (airbrush) and the inside were painted white.

However after showing the model on I received a few comments that the engines glow was not good enough. So I went back with a brush and redid them using Prince August fluo yellow and orange + white.


Time to reload,

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