Monday, August 12, 2013

Mechanicum : paladin knight and enginseer retinue

After the missile platforms I decided to continue my mechanicum forces with an enginseer from FW and a Knight Titan :

The enginseer retinue is slightly converted from dark Vengeance cultists, with all chaos markings removed and some hoods and bionics added.

For the paladin, I decided to convert it a bit, reducing the size of the canon and adding a shield in place of the sword. I intend to play him as a count as riptide, so it made more sense.

Time to reload,


  1. Dear Rule 37

    first I want to congratulate you for the great paint job and conversions of your blog.

    my name is Henry and I am the knight titan sculptor you have on your blog and I have been interested and VERY GRATEFUL, know where you acquired this miniature.

    For some time I'm chasing a pirate's online resin. maybe your model is original or fake, do not know, but would appreciate any information

    greetings and thanks

  2. Hello Henry, sorry for such a late answer, I haven't visited this part of the blog in a while. I got the knight as a gift from friends, so I'm not sure where it comes from.