Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Building the Death Star Trench : Part 1

Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? 

A quick post to show you what I've been working on lately : a table to replay the legendary Death Star Trench run in X-Wing. The idea is to have 2 boards separated by a deep trench to be able to replay the trench approaches, pursuit in the trench and the arrival of He who shot first.

The table will be for my gaming club, the Ludothèque de Boulogne Billancourt, and has to be movable and easy to store, which means a modular design. Each modular piece (4 trench sections and 8 board sections), will have a foam core for lightness and a wood exoskeleton for resilience.

First mock-up of the trench for sizing:

Wood cutting in the living room (Yea for sales season!) :

The first modular sections :

To spice up the table I also ordered a turbolaser turret from Shapeways:

The shape and details are amazing, but I'm slightly worried by the fine lines created by the printing process even in detail plastic which was the best available for this item (edited after Regnirok comment). I will need to fill them or sand them before painting as they will definitely show after an airbrush paintjob.

On a related note, I also got some Eta-2 light fighters from Shapeways:

Sorry for the bad pictures, but it's really hard to photograph translucent models. They are in frosted ultra detail. They have some of the lines issues of the turret in places but less pronounced, we'll see what I can do with them.

Time to reload!


  1. Did you get those turbolasers from Gosric or Mel Miniatures on shapeways?

    I have a few ships from Gosric. Some time with very fine grit sandpaper was all it took to smooth out the frosted ultra detail parts.

  2. Hello Regnirok,
    Thanks for your input.

    The turbolaser is from Gosric.

    I was wrong in the post, it's in detail plastic (best available for this one), it's the ships that are in frosted. I'll correct the post.

    I have a few ideas to smooth the surface:
    - sandpaper as you suggested
    - liquid green stuff
    - a milliput juice

    I'm not overly worried, but it's going to be a bit more work than I expected.

  3. Cool, I thought they were Gosrics. I thought about buying one, but I wanted to contact him to see if he could put a tower up where the gun barrels are either separate or simply not on the model, so I could cast a few copies of the tower itself in resin. Gosric posts over on the A Few Maneuvers forums(In the X-wing customs subforum), and is a really cool guy.

    Anyway can't wait to see your progress on the table! I posted some pictures here as Regnirok: