Thursday, July 17, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Part 3 : Ibbitsam must die

Part 3 :
After 2 wins I faced Riftwar and his 3 ships rebel build:
Ibbitsam, advance proton torpedo, proton torpedo
Wedge, concussion missile
+ a couple other amelioration cards.

You can see here the ship positions just before shooting started in turn 2:
Ibbitsam on the right, then wedge and Tarn on the left.

If I remember correctly, Jet 6 died from the combined shooting of wedge and ibbitsam, but I managed to kill Wedge in return.

My opponent tried to joust with the swarm and paid the price.
After that it was mostly mopping up, taking down first Ibbitsam:

Then Tarn:

Time to reload,

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