Monday, July 21, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Part 4 : the last stand of Garven Dreiss

Part 4 :
This time I faced my good friend and old 40K opponent (and sometime ally) BloodyTyty. Bloody played a very interesting list if I remember correctly:

Blue, advance sensors
Blue, advance sensors
Roark, ion turret
Garven Dreiss

It's really close to the first lists I tried in X-Wing, using Roark from extreme VP and Garven for action shenanigans, with the 2 blues as the meat of the list.

This time all the action occured in his half of the table, with me still in 2 groups after crossing the asteroid field. Most of my ties focused his blues and he destroyed one of my academies while I was closing the distance taking the shields off of one. Table shot after round 3 moves:

At close range he destroyed another academy (Jet 7) while I destroyed my first blue and damaged the other.

Sadly I stopped taking photos here to concentrate on the game, so you will have to follow my wall of text!

I took down the last Blue in turn 4, but after that I misplayed Jet 5 landing him on the asteroid that you can see at the top right corner. I took 3 turns to destroy Roark while loosing 1 more tie. I then started on Garven, and stripped his shields while loosing my 5th Tie for the game, the most any opponent destroyed in the 10 games.

At that point I was leading by 11 points, with one tie down to 2 hull and garven on 2 hull also. The clock rang but we got to play a last round (we'd started late due to pairing issues) with him trying to destroy a tie to get the win and me trying to kill Garven for the full win. Garven fluffed his shot, while I destroyed him for the full victory.

Time to reload,

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