Wednesday, July 16, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Part 2 : The end of Chewbacca

Round 2!

After my first round modified win, I encountered my good friend Cornelius40K with a classic wave 3 list:
Chewie + c3po + gunner + faucon
Bwing fcsBwing adv. sensor 

He took the initiative and we deployed the asteroids in a pretty loose formation. I deployed my Ties in my usual 2 squares formation while he split his B-Wings on one side ready to enter the asteroid field and Chewbacca on the other:

I think he kind of panicked a bit a the sight of the full swarm and tried to delay the engagement, turning his B toward his right flank. Chewie advanced to flank me. I went full throttle toward his Bs. This is the board after 2 turns (I think I stripped a few shields from the front B):

Jet 7 and Jet 8 did a hard 3 then a barrel roll to box the B-wings, while Jet 5 and 6 went for a 3 bank. He then did a focus+ koiogran 2 with the Bs to face the swarm and use the protection of the asteroid. Jet 2 and 4 closed the distance while jet 1 and 3 stayed back to keep my options open. Chewie maneuvered to stay on my flank.

I took down the two Bs while loosing one Obsidian. The game was pretty much over at this point, as Chewie cannot take on 7 ties.

This is the final shot of the game: Chewie looses his last hull point, I still had 6 ties left.

The list matchup was really bad for Cornelius, as Ties eat agility 1 ships for breakfast while he didn't have the necessary firepower to whittle down the swarm. This was compounded by his decision to flank large with Chewie, giving me range 3 agility bonuses and the fact that he underestimated the speed of the swarm, giving me some free shots on the lead B-Wing in turn 2.

Time to reload,

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