Monday, July 21, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Part 5 : the shortest offensive of all times!

Part 5:
My opponent Rokkotnik played a beefed up Han with 2 rookies.

I deployed in 2 groupes in the center of the board, with the academies on my left flank. Rokkotnik deploeyd on the edge of the board, with Han hugging the edge.

The table after 2 turns of movement: I split my 2 groups to pass the asteroid and have my academies in a good blocking position.

He destroyed one of my academies while I removed 7 hit points from Han. The obsidians turned 90° to follow the fight while the academies moved to block a short move from Han or the X.

And that's how the shortest offensive of all times finished:

Han tried the hard 1 left, hit Jet 8 and the back of the ship left the table.
With 7 ties against 2 rookies, the game was over fast.

Time to reload,

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