Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear FFG, our wallets cannot repel firepower of that magnitude!

It's good to be a Star Wars fan right now!

Star Wars Armada!

X-Wing Scum and Villainy Third Faction!

Compared to some other companies Fantasy Flight Games has really been open about what's in the pipe, which really helps with creating player support.

With the announcement of wave 6 at Gencon, my plastic crack addiction is now secure for a few more months:
 - Rebel Aces
 - Wave 5 (Decimator and YT-2400)
 -  X-Wing third faction update for the Firespray and HWK-290 
 - Wave 6 (Most Wanted ace style pack re-release of the Y-Wing and Z-95)

Relly looking forward to the next few months!

Time to reload,


  1. But remember that the Epic ships showed up at Gencon last year and were not on the shelves til spring or later. So you have time to save.

  2. Yes Wave 6 and Armada are planned for 2015 which gives us some space to absorb the new releases. I'm really thrilled about the future of the game!