Thursday, August 21, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Top 4 : Defeating the 2013 Champion

 "I got your promise. Not a scratch."
"Would you get going, you pirate?"

After Chewie and Han, time for the last pilot of the Millenium Falcon to show up : Lando Calrissian!

My opponent was none other than Jabba, the 2013 French Champion. He was playing his usual double falcon list:

Lando - 44
Gunner 5
Expert Handling 2
Nien Nub 1

Chewbacca - 42
Gunner 5
Veteran Instincts 1

He deployed his asteroids fairly spread out on my side, while I deployed mine closer together on his side to prevent the falcons from forming up in the middle.

As usual, I deployed my ties in 2 groups on either side of the central asteroid. He deployed side by side close to my right edge (on the side of the obsidians).

Turn 1, I advanced the academies 5 to pass the asteroid, while the obsidians did a 3 forward. He advanced both falcons, and barrel rolled Lando behind Chewie.

Turn 2, my academies turned to right (3) and my obsidians banked to face the advancing falcons.
He kept hugging the edge.

Turn 2 picture before shooting.

Facing Lando+Chewie, I decided to focus fire on Lando as he is more vulnerable to crits and thus easier to destroy. This would be the fastest way to reduce his firepower.

In the 2 following turns, Lando + Chewie destroyed  Jet 2 and the combined fire of the 7  ties dealt 10 damages to Lando.

Turn 5 before maneuvers (you can notice tha Jet1 the lone Tie at the bottom of the previous picture has moved to block Lando):

At this point Lando was pretty much a gonner, so about all  Ties turned to face Chewie and the probable position of Lando.

He destroyed Jet4, loosing Lando in return.

Turn 6 before maneuvers:

I have 6 Ties, to Chewie with almost full health (with no title and no C3P0). Unless I fly really badly, I cannot loose here.

A tail chase is a long chase as they say, and following some curious decisions on my part, it took me about 6 or 7 turns  to finish him off.

I did at least 2 big mistakes that I remember which dragged the game to the 75 minutes mark.
First in one turn, I moved my Ties in the wrong order, turning a perfect kill box using self bumping into a really bad position. Next I decided to round the corner left asteroid with Jet 8 instead of going through. This left him out of position for the rest of the game (you can see it alone at the bottom of the screen on the previous picture).

Due to my bad flying, this game was tense to the end, but once more the list matchup carried the day, Tie Swarm FTW!

Time to reload,

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  1. Alors c'est ça un double Faucon ? J'ai jamais affronté, c'est vrai que contre une nuée, ça paraît difficile de triompher :-D