Tuesday, August 26, 2014

X-Wing Tutorial : Pimp my base the return in colorvision!

Quite a few people have asked me how I did my X-Wing bases, so here it is.
The idea is not originaly mine but taken (again!) from Rodent Mastermind.

For this tutorial, you will need:
- ultramarine blue, fuchsia, crimson red and white airbrush paint
- Citadel white scar layer
- your trusty airbrush
- an old toothbrush
- a black primed x-wing base

1) Using white paint with the airbrush at low pressure (1.5 bar), spray random patterns on the side of the base, trying to create roughly parallel lines and going back over some areas to get something from grey to pure white. The low pressure should create  a pattern of very small points, instead of the usual smooth airbrush transitions.

2) Go back to regular pressure, and spray your fuchsia color over some or close to the white patterns you have made, leaving white in places.

3) Spray the blue where the fuchsia color is weak, still leaving some white to show through.

4) Using the crimson red, go back over some of the fuchsia, reinforcing the color in places.

At this stage don't worry to much about cleanliness, the next step should correct any mistakes.

5) Dip the toothbrush in the white scar pot, then using your thumb, spray a pattern of dots on a test surface. When satisfied with the size of the dots, spray some on the base.
Just remember, at this stage, less is more, a few white dots will contrast strongly with the colored background, hiding the mistakes you may have made earlier.

6) Using a black marker, color in black the edge of the cardboard pilot inserts.

I hope you find this tutorial useful.

Time to reload,


  1. Replies
    1. Alors les parties de X-Wing avec Dimetrodon? Qu'est ce que ça a donné?

  2. Thanks for share this!
    I have been trying to make that effect for some time without results. Now I'm "updating" all my bases at V 2.0.