Wednesday, August 6, 2014

X-Wing French National Championship Top 8 : The second shortest offensive of all times!

Top 8 :  Francesco Lamas

Francesco was playing a list that I wanted to play : Falcon + Z95:

Chewbacca - 42
Engine Upgrade - 4
Luke Skywalker - 7
C-3P0 - 3
Predator - 3
Millenium Falcon- 1

Tala Z95 - 13
Tala Z95 - 13
Tala Z95 - 13

Chewbacca is a bit more equipped than I'd like, limiting his escort to 3 Z95 instead of 4, but he does have a pilot skill advantage over my swarm.

Asteroids are deployed in a V pattern with one alone on my right flank. I deploy my 2 groups of Ties centrally, He answers by deploying on my left flank, Chewie on the edge and the Tala closer to the center.

First turn, I start by turning both groups toward my left flank to face him. He advances slowly:

Turn 2, the Obsidians turn to face the falcon menace with a hard (1 or 2) while the Academies bank toward him. His Talas bank toward my academies shadowed by Chewie. And then I used my Jedi mind tricks:

Me :  boost?
Francesco Lamas : Yes.

Chewie boosts in front of the Academies to try to escape the firing arc of the Obsidians but fails miserably and lands with no action in front of the firing squad.

Chewie and the Talas (at range 3) fail to destroy Jet 7 and the counter fire is terrible: 21 Attack dice later, Chewie is no more (Average damage is 12.8 with 5 Ties at range 1 and 3 at range 2).

We stop the game here.

Big mistake by Francesco which costs him the game, turning a difficult matchup into an impossible one.

Time to reload,

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