Thursday, August 14, 2014

X-Wing Tutorial : Royal Guard Interceptor winglets

As promised, a quick tutorial on how I made my Royal Guard Interceptor winglets.

 - 0.8mm thick plasticard
 - Green Stuff : 
 - A Tie Advance model

1) Cut a 5mm large strip of plasticard (you will need a bit more than 8 cm of length)

2) Cut the strip into 4 sections 2cm long.

3) Take each section and draw the shape of each winglet using an interceptor as reference

4) Using some Instant Mold, make a press mold of the texture on the Tie advance wing, this will give us a bigger surface to work with than with an interceptor wing.

5) Cut your winglets and spread some greenstuff on a winglet, making a thin layer about  1mm thick.

6) Press the mold on the greenstuff, trying to get the most of the texture on the shape, as diagonal as possible.

7)Let cure and clean the excess greenstuff, aiming for this (then repeat on the other side):

8) Form a small snake of GS, that you will lay on the outside of the winglet:

9) Cut the excess and flatten the snake with a clay shaper. Let cure and repeat on the other side.
Clean up any mistakes with sanding paper.

10) Glue the winglets on the model.

11) Glue 3 bands of 1mm wide and 0.5mm thick plasticard along the borders of each winglets

12) Clean the edges with liquid green stufff and file smooth

13) Paint

Don't hesitate to comment if you have questions!

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