Saturday, August 16, 2014

X-Wing Showcase : Millenium Falcon Repaint

You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought!

When I started repainting my X-Wing models, it was all in preparation for this : the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy! The level of details on the YT-1300 is nothing short of amazing for such a small model (on the top side anyway) and it was big enough for an engine light mod.

The repaint took me about 2 weeks from stripping to converting to the last varnish. I used all the techniques developped on Luke X-Wing and then some, with most of the weathering done with oils.

The engine light is made with the classic leds+ hot glue diffuser, with a switch hidden on the belly of the ship. I should post a couple of tutorials soon, for the engine lights and for the oil weathering, I also changed the magnet joint for the Falcon as the weight of the model and the size made a ball joint unusable.

I'm really happy about how the ship turned out, hope you like it!

Time to reload,


  1. Looks fantastic :). The paint job is excellent with some great weathering work. I also think the shading on the cockpit glass is wonderful (I actually initially thought that this had also been lit as it 'popped' so well!). Great job :)

  2. Waouh ! Superbe ce Faucon !
    Impressionné par la LED, ça rend vraiment bien.

    Le seul hic à mes yeux c'est qu'il manque un peu de battle damage, ou même d'usure.
    C'est quand même le Millenium quoi ! :D

    En tout cas beau boulot,


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