Sunday, August 10, 2014

Showcase : Tie/In Royal Guard repaint with winglets

The latest addition to my fleet : a Royal Guard Interceptor!

The Royal Guards defend the Emperor flying heavily modified Interceptors, adding shields and light speed drives to the standard chassis while keeping the legendary agility of the interceptor.

This sleek craft was a blast to convert and paint, using the standard Tie Interceptor and adding sculpted winglets.

For this model I changed my usual ball magnet technique for a steel ball bearing and circle magnet. This gives a better point of contact, needed because the model is heavier than a regular small craft.

The winglets were sculpted in green stuff with instant mold for the pattern, expect a step by step soon!

As befitting an aggressive craft, I went for a slightly more glossy finish compared to my Ties, this should help it stand out.

I used my usual airbrushed base color, oil wash and brush highlights technique to paint the red areas.

The inside panles were kept darker on purpose as they should receive less light.

Hope you like it!

Time to reload,


  1. I like the ball bearing and magnet. I am always concerned I am going to break those pegs so I guess when I do I will give something like this a try.

  2. The winglets look great. They really give a unique profile to the interceptor.

    I really gotta start doing the ball magnets too. Makes them look so cool!